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4K Video Camera Video Camera

Quality Black And White Photos, 2 .4 G Remote Control, 60Fps Youtube Camera Wifi Night Vision Ips Touch Screen Video Camera Digital Camera, 4 K Video Camera Video Camera, 4 K Video Camera Lecran, 3 Inch

H&F Rating 155 reviews
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What We Like

  • 48MP with 4K video resolution provides smooth shooting experience with wonderful effect
  • Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to connect with various other device
  • X-Y stereo microphone helps reduce noise and provides clear and stable sound


  • Battery may not hold charge for long

Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 22,310 reviews for 38 products in the Video Cameras category.

We then analyzed 155 reviews for this product. Of these, 136 reviews were recent.

Around 79% of reviews were positive and about 19% were negative.

Final Score:

9.07 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Overall performance
  • Value for money
  • Picture quality
  • Build quality
  • Customer support
  • Sound quality
  • Image stabilization
  • Easy to use
  • What buyers say about 4K Video Camera Video Camera

    After talking to their customer service, I was able to get a new camera for my money, because the microphone on the "internal" portion of the camera did not work.

    It's lightweight and easy to hold steady, it also comes with an extra battery, so you don't have to worry about running out of juice.

    If you don't have a budget, this is a good camera to use to look at a YouTube channel.

    It's light and portable, and it has night vision, so it's worth the money. You get significant usage prior to having it, and it's easy to hold steady for better quality shots.

    I don't have to purchase anything else except an SD card for this device, it's amazing at the picture and video quality, it's over 30 MB, and the video quality is 4K, and pretty clear both shot inside home or outside.

    Common Questions


    I bought the sd card they recommended, but it isn't going into the slot completely. Can someone tell?


    The brass electrical contacts go in first.


    I film bands that shoot for upwards of 3 hours without cutting. How long can this continuous record last?


    I want to continue filming for 25 minuets, but my camera stops recording after 17 minuets.


    Can I use the rhis camera to take photos or just video?


    The pictures and video are of good quality.


    How do I charge the battery?


    There is a rubber guard on the side of the cam.


    Is it possible to use this for zoom meetings and will it compensate for wind noise?


    The camera has a wind screen on it that makes it great for the price.

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