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Cuisinart CCK-358 Griddle Cleaning Kit 10 Piece

Griddle pad, 4 Cleaning pads

Created with Raphaël
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What We Like

  • Sturdy scraper helps remove grease and food debris easily
  • Sturdy grip provides leverage on griddle pad while cleaning
  • 3 cleaning screen makes it easy to remove baked on residue


  • Flimsy build

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About Cuisinart CCK-358 Griddle Cleaning Kit 10 Piece

Cuisinart's 10-piece Griddle Cleaning Kit has the tools you need to keep your griddle clean. The set includes a durable scraper to remove debris, a cleaning handle tool, pads, screens, and an oil/water squirt bottle. While the cooking surface is still hot, add water to the hot surface in order to create steam to soften any remaining debris. Lastly, wipe the surface clean and spread a small amount of oil over it to season it. Features diagonal ridges that create perfect grill marks.

Common Questions


Is it possible to use it on a cast iron griddle, like a Blackstone?


My husband uses it for that and it works great, I think.


Is it compatible with olive oil?


This is designed for butter only.


Is it safe for a glass or ceramic stove?


I wouldn't use it on glass or ceramic.


Is it twelve inches diameter or less? I want to use it in my Big Boss.


This is twelve inches long.


Can this be used on a non stick cook top?


The cleaning kit should only be used for griddles.

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