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Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic Series - 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 8 Cup Exclusive Packaging, Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series Coffeemaker, The Highest Quality, The Chemex Coffeemaker Classic Series, Non Porous Borosilicate Glass

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 1,337 reviews
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What We Like

  • Patented pour-over design allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
  • Timeless and elegant design makes it ideal for gifting
  • Made of borosilicate glass that absorb odors or chemical residues


  • may not have topper or filters

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9.65 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
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  • Customer support
  • Design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Overall performance
  • Size
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic Series - 8-Cup - Exclusive Packaging

    The filter is heavy duty and must be bought on line.

    The 8-Cup is less expensive than the Chemex and it makes it easier to make pots when we have company.

    We just got this coffee from Wholefoods Cafe La Duena and fell in love again, and we've tried 2 types, and we're quite pleased with it.

    The Chemex coffee pot is a relic and I think that it's good that I use a French Press when I'm in the mood, but the cone on the Chemex doesn't allow that at all.

    Unfortunately, no one in the UK sells these, so I managed to get one sent over with a large supply of filters. The coffee is not bitter, has no "s", and the coffee maker is quite simply the most beautiful, functional and well thought out invention in my kitchen.

    Common Questions


    Chemex makers were originally made of thick, shaped glass. Which one is now being sold?


    The classic series is thinner than the original series, but you can still buy it both ways.


    Which place is it made at?


    You might want to do some research on Ovalware, because the Chemex is made in the US and it looks like a US company.


    Do you have to use regular coffee filters in this?


    I use two filters, one inside the other, and fold them along the edge to make them cone-shaped.


    How is this different from the classic 8 cup coffee maker?


    Maybe they changed the item title, because I see it as Classic Series.


    Is the tie necessary?


    Yes. They make a glass handle and no wooden tie, but the glass gets very hot.

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