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Natural elements Multi Collagen Protein Capsules

Wild Fish & Grass Fed Beef Collagen Peptides - 2025Mg Per Serv, Multi Collagen Protein Capsules 180 Collagen Capsules Type I, X Collagen Pills Proprietary Blend Of Eggshell, Ii, Iii, V

H&F Rating 923 reviews
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What We Like

  • Contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides that supports a healthier digestive system
  • The formula helps rejuvenate skin, improve tendons, joints, ligaments and muscles
  • Made with high-quality ingredients that makes it safe to consume


  • may cause dizziness for some

Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 319,603 reviews for 323 products in the Collagen Supplements category.

We then analyzed 923 reviews for this product. Of these, 78 reviews were recent.

Around 96% of reviews were positive and about 3% were negative.

Final Score:

9.85 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Effectiveness
  • Flavor and taste
  • Ingredients quality
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Portion size
  • Smell
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Natural elements Multi Collagen Protein Capsules

    I spent a few days doing laundry last week and it was so bad that I had to go straight to the pain meds.

    I knew I wanted the Natural Elements Multi-Collagen because of the number of customer reviews I read and the fact that it is a good fit for my back and joints.

    I have been taking the supplements for almost 3 weeks and have not had any adverse reactions, so I am giving the product a 5 star review.

    I am excited but not sure if the vitamins are good for my breast, I ran to find my bottle as I was convinced I needed to order more.

    A friend of mine who lost over 100 lbs recommended this product to me, even though she is only maintaining her weight at this point in her weight loss journey.

    Common Questions


    Is there a way for anyone to see 6 types of collagens but only 5 on the label?


    The title has 5 types, but the text underneath it says "Get The Ultimate Benefit - Natural Elements Multi Collagen Pills give your body what it craves".


    Where is this company from? The website doesn't have any information about the product's origin.


    The way I test any COLLAGEN is simple, first know what you want the improvement on.


    Will this help tighten skin after a while of losing weight?


    I have been taking this product for over a year and it has helped me lose weight and improve my skin elasticity.


    There is a correction on the supporting info and type iv is not indicated on the product label.


    The bottle says it's correct, but they must have not updated the supporting information.


    Is there any vitamin k in this product?


    There isn't any vitamin k in collagen.

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