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Funoasis Holiday Gnome Handmade Swedish Tomte

The Tomte Is Perfect Home Decoration, Funoasis Holiday, Spring, Handmade Swedish Tomte, Hanukkah, Christmas, Halloween, Summer And Winter Seasons, Autumn

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  • What buyers say about Funoasis Holiday Gnome Handmade Swedish Tomte

    I was not sure how durable it would be at the price, but it was made well and it looks adorable. Also the top of the hat has a wire in it so you can pose.

    The hat is bendable and the little guy would look good with a pillow on my couch.

    The nome is large and the hat isposable, which adds expression and personality to it. I would recommend any of their Tomtes.

    I was trying to find one with a body that was more like 14" tall, but it's not quite as tall as I would have liked.

    The product arrived on time and is a great gift for anyone who loves Gnomes or for yourself.

    Common Questions


    Do you have couples of boy and girl gnomes?


    I have 7 and 8 and it's hard to tell if it's in pink or not.


    Where is this blue-haired child made?


    I returned him because he wasn't the right size I needed.


    Where did this come from?


    I would be asking the seller if it was made in China, but we think it's made in the US.


    The hat is 19 inches, but what is the height with the body included?


    The body is about 6 feet and the hat can be adjusted.


    What country is it from?


    There are different names for Tonttuw in different countries.

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