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Philips Computer Monitors 322E1C 32" Super-Curved Frameless Monitor

Philips Computer monitors, Frameless design, accurate color reproduction, immersive viewing experience, 75Hz refresh rate and Adaptive Sync technology, harmful shortwave Blue light, connectivity, eye fatigue, free Gaming performance, Full HD VA, optimal multi Monitor setup

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About Philips Computer Monitors 322E1C 32" Super-Curved Frameless Monitor

The 32" curved E-line display offers a truly immersive experience. It's especially suitable for photos, web browsing, movies, gaming, and demanding graphical applications. Philips VA LED display uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology which gives you super-high static contrast ratios for extra vivid and bright images. Adaptive-Sync technology gives 178/178-degree extra-wide viewing angle, resulting in crisp images and smooth action with crisp Full HD visuals. No need to bundle cables with extra ties. Philips LowBlue Mode setting uses smart software technology to reduce harmful shortwave blue light. Some users experience flicker on their screen which causes eye fatigue, causing headaches and fatigue of the eyes. Smart contrast SmartConstant adjusts colors and controls backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for the best digital images and videos or when playing games where dark hues are displayed. Economy mode is selected, contrast is adjusted and backlit fine-tuned for just-right display of everyday office applications and lower power consumption.

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  • What buyers say about Philips Computer Monitors 322E1C 32" Super-Curved Frameless Monitor

    If you want to use Mac Graphics on older Minis, you need to know the monitor's specific spec, which is why it's not as broad-based as PCs and MacBooks.

    I was really happy to purchase this, it was my first curved monitor, and it was $100 less than most others.

    It is not for everyone, but if you are on a budget and want a 4K resolution, this is the one for you. I have no dead pixels or defects, and it is very well built.

    If you have to use the VGA, there are many HDMI to VGA Adapters that are cheap and plentiful.

    I have been using this monitor for a couple of years now, and I have to say it is the best I have ever used, and it is very easy to set up and use.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible for this monitor to be mounted?


    I bought this monitor based off of the answers here, but it's not mountable, so I'll have to return it.


    I connected this 4k monitor to my Macbook pro and it only showed 30hz, but everything looked tiny.


    I had the same issue and would advise not using the HDMI at all.


    I'm not sure if a good vesa mount will fit this monitor and not block the port on the back.


    The VIVO duel stand didn't stop any of the ports on the 27".


    What are the contents of the box?


    There is a monitor, stand, HDMI cable, book, power cord.


    Does the stand B/C of my mount support a certain weight, as stated in the 32 inch curved version?


    The weight without packaging and stand is 15.2 pounds.

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