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Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor, Upgraded 7'' IPS 1024X600 Dual-Speaker,USB HDMI Portable Monitor

7 Inch Touchscreen Monitor, More Vivid Colors, Mivrousb Port, 5 Point Capacitive Touchscreen, Usb Hdmi Portable Monitor Cap, Usb Hdmi Portable Monitor Capacitive Pi Display, Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor

Created with Raphaël
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  • What buyers say about Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor, Upgraded 7'' IPS 1024X600 Dual-Speaker,USB HDMI Portable Monitor

    I had a bit of display flickering where it looked like the resolution was struggling, but after I re-cut the provided HDMI flat cable into the display connector, everything works great.

    The screen is easy to use, but there is no cases for it, it is exposed in the back, which is the only issue I can think of.

    Despite my own misfortune, I cannot give this product less than 5 stars in every category, and I will not return it, because it is a great little screen.

    They are very pleasant and friendly and I have sent them many emails in which they respond very quickly. For the price, you really can't get a better touchscreen display with built in speakers.

    The Pi can be mounted to the monitor, but it doesn't have an enclosure, so I'm thinking of putting it inside something for protection.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that windows Iot drivers are available?


    The display works via HDMI, but the EDID has a non-standard native resolution that may cause some issues.


    How do I warranty my raspberry pi monitor?


    The 7inch raspberry pi monitor comes with a 30-day full money back, 60-day free replacement, and 2 year repair service.


    Is the Raspberry Pi monitor installed with a drive?


    It depends on the use you have in mind and the amount of storage you need.


    Is it possible to use this touch screen monitor for a regular windows computer?


    The pi display is perfect for my windows 8 computer.


    Is it possible to write on it with the stylus?


    The included stylus is great for tapping, but not great for writing on the screen.

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