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Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

your Scepter LED Monitor, Scepter 's custom set display settings, up to 200Hz refresh rate HDMI, an AMD technology, response time 5ms GTG, 30 inch, an enhanced Gaming experience, eye fatigue, 30 " Curved Gaming Monitor, x 1080 Full HD resolution, Blue light Shift

Created with Raphaël
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About Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

A curved monitor resembles the contours of the human eye with a 30-inch screen. Freesync is an AMD technology that nearly eliminates tearing and stuttering due to differences between graphics cards' frame rate and monitor refresh rate. With quick response times, ghosting and blurring are reduced so the user can enjoy the monitor with clarity and precision. Built-in speakers provide office-level audio for conference calls and internet workshops. Similarly, enjoy engaging audio while listening to your favorite tunes. Back cover light provides our monitor can simultaneously display two separate sources at the same time. 90% sRGB, our display reveals an astonishing brightness and variance in red, green, and blue color across a wide gamut.

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  • What buyers say about Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

    I bought this monitor because I wanted a new one that would give me a better refresh rate and a more powerful processor, but I was surprised by how light it was.

    It took me less than a minute to build the stand, but they even you the screwdriver you need... and it was well packaged and sturdy.

    The speakers aren't very good, but if you use a headset like me or plan on using a separate speaker system, this won't be a problem.", " The colors seem ok to me, and the backlight bleed during pitch black moments is minimal.

    It's a good monitor for casual gaming, but anything over 120Hz will have noticeable ghosting, but on casual games, even at 200Hz ghosting is minimal and most of the time not noticeable.

    They do include a small screwdriver which is slightly smaller than the ones that hold the stand together, but they don't include a strap.

    Common Questions


    Is it free of cage-like material and is it gluten free?


    All of Sceptre's products are free-range and grass-fed, though we here at Sceptre believe our products are best enjoyed when watched, not eaten.


    Is it vesa mountable?


    The vesa mount is 75x75mm and you can take it with the monitor.


    Is it possible that only supports hdmi connection?


    If your pc supports the 200 Hz refresh rate, this is a nice option.


    What are the screen dimensions without the stand?


    It's 28"W x 13"H.


    Should I purchase a back piece for the monitor or not? Which mount is compatible with duel monitors?


    This monitor comes with a wall mounting plate for you to mount it to a VESA mount.

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