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Sceptre IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor

Sceptre Ips 24 Inch Business Computer Monitor 1080P Resolution, Multiple Ports, One Vga Port, Two Hdmi Ports

Created with Raphaël
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What We Like

  • Quick response time makes it ideal for action games and action-adventure movies
  • Anti-flicker provides a crisper picture by preventing the backlight from flickering
  • Wide viewing angles keep all the action sharply in sight from almost any viewing position


  • may be dim

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About Sceptre IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor

99% sRGB color gamut provides a more defined and naturalistic display of color in every image. Multiple ports provide up to 75HZ refresh rate, refining picture clarity in all action-packed gaming sequences and graphic design projects. Blue Light Shift Reduce your monitor's blue light to protect you from eye fatigue, irritation, and strains. Built-In Speakers Provides office-level audio for conference calls and internet workshops. Similarly, enjoy engaging audio while listening to your favorite tunes in the background.

Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 340,713 reviews for 626 products in the Computer Monitors category.

We then analyzed 148 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 74% of reviews were positive and about 20% were negative.

Final Score:

8.99 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Customer support
  • Display
  • Overall performance
  • Picture quality
  • Size
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Sceptre IPS 24-Inch Business Computer Monitor

    If you need an FHD monitor for extra desktop space or even for general use, this is a monitor that is well priced with a good image quality and will suit the purpose.

    I'm very impressed with the clarity, sharpness, and features of this monitor, and have set it to use native YbCr on my Dell laptop, which is a 14in screen with an Intel HD graphics card.

    The product is great for the price, but it is not the best image, and the pictures on the listing are too small.

    The picture quality is great but the built in speakers aren't loud enough, so I bought a new monitor for my basement bar computer and security camera display.

    The monitor has a good color accuracy and is compatible with a VESA mount.

    Common Questions


    Does this come with a HDMI cord so I can connect it to my computer?


    If you did not receive one with your monitor, please contact us at 1-800-788-2878 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday Pacific Standard Time.


    Does it come with a vga adapter for the hdmi cable?


    If your computer doesn't have HDMI, the monitor will accept that format from your computer/GPU, even though it doesn't have HD15 on the back.


    Can it connect with an iMac as a second monitor and be able to switch between imac and this monitor?


    If your iMac has a HDMI port, it will be compatible.


    I read that people have problems with this monitor, and I was wondering if it was fixed as I am planning on mounting it.


    You would need a mount of 100mm x 100mm and M4 x 10mm.


    Will the monitor come with HDMI or any other cable?


    There is 1 HDMI cable that is 1.5m.

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