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BIG DEAL Anti Barking Device, Sonic Bark Deterrents

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What We Like

  • Featured with ultrasonic tech emitting 20hz ultrasound to attract dog's attention to stop barking
  • 3 adjustable levels for effective range of ultrasonic
  • Made of waterproof material makes it durable and suitable for outdoor use


  • Extra sensitive waves

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About BIG DEAL Anti Barking Device, Sonic Bark Deterrents

Ultrasonic bark controller emits a high-frequency sound that works to reduce excessive bark of any size dogs within effective range. Can be hung on a tree, outdoor wall, or fence post to stop dogs barking.

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  • What buyers say about BIG DEAL Anti Barking Device, Sonic Bark Deterrents

    I've been satisfied for the most part with this item. Could be better but I got a decent value for my money..

    Common Questions


    Does the device sound like a person making noise or talking?


    If the noise or talking is too loud or shrill, our device will emit a loud sound, so we suggest that you place it around the dog as more closer as possible.


    How long will the battery last?


    The device's average battery life is 2 months, depending on how often the dog barks.To conserve battery life, turn off the outdoor bark control when not in use, and when the battery needs to be replaced, the indicator light will illuminate.


    Is it possible to hang this on my side of the fence to work for the neighbor's dog?


    If your dog hears the Ultrasonic sound, hang the deivce on the fence and make sure it doesn't go through the fence.


    Will this work to get my neighbor's dog to stop barking if it is hanging on my side of the wall or backyard door?


    It will work on neibours dogs, please face the deivice to the dog.


    Will this work with a rooster?


    It is worth trying.

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