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KCPPET Anti Barking Device

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What We Like

  • Small, lightweight, equipped with an adjustable wrist strap makes it ideal to carry around
  • The barking controller works with an effective range of 5 meters
  • Wide scope of application suitable for dogs of various sizes

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About KCPPET Anti Barking Device

Send out ultrasonic waves that can only be heard by the dog. Combines barking control and training functions to improve dog's bad behavior, develop good behavior and train him/her to be a better walker or dog owner. Not intended to prevent aggressive dogs. Less than 30 cm (12 inches) from the human ear. Different breeds of dogs may respond differently to ultrasound. For best results, use this product as an aid with other tools/commands. Package includes 1x Handheld Ultrasonic Bark Stopper. The user manual includes instructions on how to use the device and its functions.

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  • What buyers say about KCPPET Anti Barking Device

    I've been satisfied for the most part with this item. Could be better but I got a decent value for my money..

    Common Questions


    How far does the sound carry if my neighbor buys one to irritate my dog?


    I believe the product info says 16', but I haven't found any of our neighborhood dogs bothered by it.


    Why does the product say that it isn't good for dogs under 6 months?


    You should protect the dogs natural growth, as the 6 months younger dog is growing up.


    If there are several dogs barking at the same time, like at a park, and I used this device, while close to them, would all the dogs stop barking?


    The device will work on all dogs, even though the dogs hear the sound.


    Do you have barking deterrents that have a 50 yard range?


    We don't have brking deterrents over 50 yard range.


    Is it a way to stop barking or is it used for other training needs?


    We use it for improved walking with our dog's leash.

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