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SENTRY Worm X Plus 7 Way DeWormer

Sentry Worm X Plus 7 Way Dewormer Large Dogs (6 Count) Package may Vary

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What We Like

  • Ideal for adult dogs and those dogs who have up to 25lbs of weight
  • Infused with pyrantel pamoate that treats roundworm and tapeworm
  • Comes in chewable tablets making it easy for the pet to consume


  • may have an unpleasant odor

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9.79 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Dosage
  • Effectiveness
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Taste
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about SENTRY Worm X Plus 7 Way DeWormer

    It worked well, no more worms and our pet is no longer wiping her butt on the grass. That tells me it works, as that was how I figured out she needed wormed to begin with.

    I gave it to my dog and it worked quickly. We needed to go to the vet, for which we are all grateful.

    One of my dogs ate them, but my pick dog wouldn't eat them, because he thought they were fake. I noticed improvement in my dogs symptoms in a few days and can finally get a full nights rest.

    I was very pleased to find this product, it is very easy to use, and it is a dewormer for my 3 large dogs.

    Even tho the package says it may cause sleepiness, I will buy again if we need them, a good product for the money.

    Common Questions


    Is this a monthly treatment or one that you need to do every day for a long period of time?


    The number of tablets is determined by the dog's weight.To 50 LBS.To 25.1 LBS.To 1 Tablet 50.1 LBS.


    What is the maximum amount of calcium found in tablets?


    The Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate tablets are for dogs greater than 25 lbs., and the tablet size is about the size of a time with the thickness of an aspirin.


    What number of doses are included?


    It comes with two pills but the doses you are going to use depends on your dog's weight.


    Which is it, the 6 count in the title or the 2 count in the box?


    I got a box with 6 in a box time before I got 3 boxes with 2 in each box, which was the case last time I got this one.


    What is the expiry date of the pills?


    My stock is looking great in April 2019.

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