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CooCoCo Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager - Back Massager with Heat

This Neck Massager, 3D Deep Kneading Electric Massage Pillow, This Shiatsu Neck Massager, 8 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage Rollers, High Quality And Durable Materials, The Shoulder Massager, The Back Massager, Deep Kneading Electric Massage Pillow, The Foot Massager

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  • What buyers say about CooCoCo Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager - Back Massager with Heat

    I took it out of the box because my lower back has been hurting me, and I love the way it warms up the areas that you need the most.

    I have been using the neck massager for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say it has made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself.

    I was very pleased with the product, it was all that I was told it was, and my neck and back pain was 80% better after using it several times a day.

    I ordered the item because of the positive reviews I read, and it worked quickly and effectively. I used it several times a day and within a week, my neck was a lot better.

    I have spent thousands of dollars on massage and steroid shots and if I use this at night before bed I sleep better, so I want you to buy this if you have neck pain like I do.

    Common Questions


    Does this pillow have a warraty?


    30-Day Money Back Guarantee for any reason,90-Day Money Back Guarantee for quality related issue, and 24-Month Warranty for quality related issue.


    When the massage is on, is it loud?


    The neck massager will relieve neck pain after long work hours, but you can't feel it while using it.


    Is it possible to use this massage pillow in my waist?


    Yes. This massage pillow can be used for a full bosy massage. It's applicable to neck, shoulder, waist, thighs, legs.


    Is it possible to wash it when it gets dirty?


    The shoulder massager comes with a dustproof sleeve to cover the massage heads, but other parts can't be cleaned by using a soft and dry cloth.


    I bought mine on June 21st and the stitching that holds the fabric on around the massaging pieces has separated, is it still covered under the warranty?


    You should contact the seller if you find the NECK MASSAGER on your order.

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