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Amazon Basics Electric Glass and Steel Hot Tea Water Kettle

Amazon Basics Electric Glass And Steel Hot Tea Water Kettle, A 1500 Watt Heating Element, 1.7 Liter Capacity

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What We Like

  • Fast-heating electric glass and steel kettle for quickly and conveniently boiling water
  • Features non-heating handle that easily detaches from base for cordless serving
  • Auto shut-off feature switches off when water is fully boiled


  • may be difficult to clean

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  • What buyers say about Amazon Basics Electric Glass and Steel Hot Tea Water Kettle

    The plastic spout was not a fan of mine and I was taking a star off because it was too transparent and easy to clean.

    Electric kettles have become my go-to appliance for when I need to wake up the household with a microwave or a pot on the stove.

    It was in a plastic covering and foam supports that were in a larger shipping box, and the auto shut off feature is very helpful, since you don't have to pay attention to it when you begin to boil the water.

    It is made of clear glass and has a blue light that illuminates when it is heating.

    It takes about 45 seconds for my tea kettle to heat up, so I love it, it has a blue light when turned on, and then turns the purple color like in the picture when done, because it takes so long for my tea kettle to heat up.

    Common Questions


    I don't like the look of plastic on the lid. It could be made from pure steel.


    All of the steam will not escape the closed system, and much of it will contact the lid before recirculating into the reservoir.


    Are the parts that touch water glass or not?


    The lid and spout are plastic, they come in contact with hot steam and your water as you're pouring, and they are not stated to be BPA-Free making this a safety hazard.


    Which place is it made at?


    This is written on the box, on the base, and on the kettle.


    Does it need to be washed out with soap and water every time you boil water in it?


    If you leave the lid open for a few moments after you turn it off, steam and water will dry and not leave a trace.


    Is the plastic on this device free of harmful substances?


    It is from China and it is a great kettle. The water doesn't touch plastic except through a filter on the plastic sprout so little opportunity for leaching like a bottle, glass or cup.

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