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SWEDISH FISH Mini Soft & Chewy Candy

Mini Soft & Chewy Candy, A Fun Snack, The Classic Fish Shaped Fat Free Candy, Swedish Fish Mini Soft & Chewy Candy

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About SWEDISH FISH Mini Soft & Chewy Candy

Swedish Fish are the epitome of candy awesomeness and are among the coolest Fish in the sea. Being of Scandinavian descent, the fish never scale back on fun, and they love fish puns. For reel. SWEDISH FISH Original Candy delivers the classic flavor and easily recognizable shape in delicious soft, chewy candy pieces. Swedish Tails 2 Flavors in 1 Soft & Chewy Candy doubles up on the deliciousness with two flavors.

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8.15 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about SWEDISH FISH Mini Soft & Chewy Candy

    A good way to keep your blood sugar under control is to carry around a piece of equipment that can be counted in 2 grams of sugar per pound of body weight.

    I shouldn't have bought these because they were not soft and tasty and I should have tasted a bag before I took them out of their box.

    If you like the idea of limiting your calories, you should try the single serve bags. With larger bags, it is far too easy to eat the entire bag without thinking about it.

    I bought these to sell at the concession stand and they were sold out fast.

    Swedish Fish, how I adore thee, like a cool summer breeze over me, your taste is beyond compare, and I could eat you when I wasn't hungry.

    Common Questions


    How many are included in a 2-ounce package?


    There are 10 PCs.


    Is it a bunch of little ones or a big fish?


    There are a bunch of little ones.


    Is this free of gluten?


    They are gluten-free according to the internet search engine.


    The item name says Easter, the item details say multi colored, and the picture is of regular red fish.Are this a product for regular red swedish fish?


    I used the bags for my daughter's class treat, and there are quite a bit in each bag.


    What is the length and breadth of one bag?


    It's roughly 4"x2"x2".

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