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Jamo Studio Series S 803 HCS-BLK Black Home Cinema System

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  • What buyers say about Jamo Studio Series S 803 HCS-BLK Black Home Cinema System

    I made the decision to buy this set after a lot of research and review of several different speaker options, I hope this helps you in your decision.

    I've never had a sound system that has caused me any sound effects, and I'm going on 50 and I can remember being a music enthusiast for as long as I can remember.

    I think these speakers will get you about 85% of the way there, they are less expensive, and they look fantastic, even though Jamo is owned by Klipsch.

    The sound quality on these alone is great, but they don't have the punch that a subwoofer adds. I placed the elac 10" forward facing sub in my optimal configuration after receiving the Onkyo and getting it wired up and placed in my optimal configuration.

    If you want to design and upgrade a great home theater system or add a great sound system to a living room, this is the ticket, I bought and returned the Kanto YU6 powered speakers.

    Common Questions


    Is the same S 803 you can buy separately?


    The front speakers in this package are the same model as in the Jamo S 803 model.


    Do you have to use any Dolby Atmos module for the top of the bookshelf speakers or do you only have to use the Jamo ones?


    The Jamo Atmos modules have legs on the front that allow the signal to pass through the 803s.


    Do these speakers come as an entire set of 5.0?


    It's a steal for $199 and includes 5 speakers.center, front left, front right, surround left, and surround right.


    Does the set include the wires?


    The speaker only sets come with wires.


    What is the size of each speaker?


    The S 803 dimensions are 13.9 inches Height x 7.52 inches width x 9.92 inches Depth and the S 81 CEN are 8.66 inches Height x 17.13 inches width x 7.25 inches Depth.

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