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Klipsch Reference R-625FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack

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  • What buyers say about Klipsch Reference R-625FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack

    Music has clear and broad soundstage, image separation is quite good for an HT setup, and music play is not nearly as good as my full audiophile setup but is still perfect for a 5.1 (even in multi- channel stereo using a Denon receiver).

    A pair of these towers alone is worth the money and will deliver amazing sound quality, although adding a few more height/ceiling speakers would be unnecessary.

    This is a great system for not breaking the bank, but also not sacrificing much, and it's packaged with this particular sub, center and rear speakers. The towers are the star of the show in this package, but because it's packaged with this particular sub, center and rear

    The speakers are high quality, and they work great. The sub has more than enough base, and with a flat ceiling the top firing Atmos speakers work like magic.

    The speakers work well together and sound amazing. The front floor speakers are crisp and clean.

    Common Questions


    Can you tell me what all the wires will need for this setup?


    A good set of rca cables for the subwoofer and a 100ft roll of two of 12 ga oxygen free audio wire should suffice for the total length of your setup.


    Which receiver is used?


    One that is capable of Dolby Atmos and one that has at least 7.1 so you can use the main speaker on the right or left front terminal and one for the Atmos speaker, surround left or right terminal.


    Is this a 7.1 setup or a 5.1? The floor speakers have two jacks, so I want to know if it's a 7.1 setup or a 5.1?


    The system is powered by the floor speakers and has a height speaker on top.


    Is it made in China or Arkansas?


    They are made in China.


    Is a receiver required for this set?


    I bought the Denon avr-x2700h, it's in the $1000 range, so if you want to spend more money, go with the higher price.

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