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Polk Audio 3.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer

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  • What buyers say about Polk Audio 3.1 Channel Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer

    They're smaller and lighter than the S15s and they're also half the price.

    I placed the T15s on the end of each side wall facing the left and right and tilted them up to make them sound better with my Polk Audio R50 tower speakers.

    The rest of my speakers were from the old system, so I bought new ones to see if they would work with the new Denon receiver.

    The grilles are replaceable, which is usually not seen at this price point, and they have five-way speaker binding posts so you can plug in banana jacks or go old school with stripped wire.

    If you pair these with a powered subwoofer and play them at modest amplification, you will get excellent quality sound, and if you wait until these things go on sale, you can get an even better bargain.

    Common Questions


    Is there an impedance and frequency response to the speaker?


    It is a good value for use in a small room, with 8 Ohms each, 60 - 24,000 Hz response and no decibel variation or a response curve.


    I don't know if this speaker should be set to Small or Large in my receiver.


    It depends on the receiver, and many newer ones allow you to adjust your settings for each set of speakers.


    Can I just hook up my tv and not need a receiver?


    If you want to connect them, you will need a receiver, unless the object you want to connect them to has a built in amplifier.


    Is it the price for the pair of speakers?


    I have 2 sets bought in different years and both came with 2 speakers.


    What is the height of these speakers?


    The Polk T15 is a little over 10 inches tall.

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