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Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer, Wireless and mobile printing

One printer , Wireless and mobile printing, Wireless LAN, One page

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What We Like

  • Super fast connection for your data transfers
  • Easily copy, scan and fax multiple documents
  • Automatically print on both sides of the page without hassle


  • Low configuration with canon app

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About Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer, Wireless and mobile printing

Built-In wi-fi for printing and scanning virtually anywhere in your home. Air print lets you wirelessly print from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices - all from the comfort of your own home. 6-Color individual ink system with a photo blue ink tank for reduced graininess. The wireless color printer is always ready to print with its auto expandable output tray and handy memory card slot. All in one printer includes CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc printing as well, all for your convenience.

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8.81 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Compatibility
  • Controls and functionality
  • Customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Overall performance
  • Print quality
  • Technical support
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer, Wireless and mobile printing

    It is just as good as any other scanner made after 2010, Inexpensive, and easy to use, but it is not as good as a printer that is capable of wi-fi.

    It seemed too good to be true, and I bought into the dream of "Energy Star." Unfortunately, after struggling with this machine for countless hours, Energy Star now takes on an entirely different meaning.

    It prints quickly, scans images and documents perfectly, and takes less than a minute to setup for either my PC direct connection, over a hardwired network, or over the internet, I really appreciate its ability to print double sided.

    The paper is expensive but worth the price for my most important pictures, as the results with the new printer and paper combination are very convincing.

    If you are running a small business or a school that has a lot of people who will be complaining to an IT guy, I would recommend this printer.

    Common Questions


    How much did the ink cost?


    Some other PIXMA printers use a sixth ink color, and pro photographers tell you that it can help with contrasts and dept.


    If an ink cartridge is empty, will the scanning device work?


    I refill my print cartridges multiple times for very little money.


    Is it possible to print it from an iPad?


    I use the wi-fi set up, rather than USB, all the time to print from my desktop, with OS X and a Windows 10 Virtual Machine.


    I need a new printer, but my old one is only 8 months old. Is this the life of these?


    It's not unusual for issues to be resolved after 4 months, but the mere mention of an "EPson-type-lockup" really concerns me.


    Is the ink included?


    Canon is now using startup ink tanks in lower priced units because some retailers are taking the full size ink tanks out and selling only the printer and putting in small writing.

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