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Creative Sound Blaster Z SE Internal PCI-e Gaming Sound Card

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What We Like

  • Features gold-plated connectors that offers durability
  • Comes with speaker optimization technology that offers quality audio
  • Multi-core Sound Core3D audio processor that enhances performance without stressing CPU


  • Light annoys

About Creative Sound Blaster Z SE Internal PCI-e Gaming Sound Card

The Sound Blaster Z SE features the same high-quality audio specifications that have made its predecessor a long-time best-selling model. It has also been further boosted with gaming profiles and microphone EQ presets, all aimed to enhance your gaming and entertainment needs - and all are fully customizable from the Soundblaster command software suite on pc and MacBook pro. Pristine Audio Clarity Up to 116 dB SNR at an amazing bit rate of up to 24-bit / 192.

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  • What buyers say about Creative Sound Blaster Z SE Internal PCI-e Gaming Sound Card

    This sound card can push any headset (gaming or HQ) and the sound is clear and amazing, and when you listen to a symphony you will never hear an onboard sound chip, " Installation was easy and fast, adjusting settings within the software was

    I have used many of these and this is the most impressive one I have heard.

    I upgraded from my Xonar DG card, which I have used for many years, and I am very pleased with it.

    I'm a fan of the sound quality produced by the Blaster Z and I would have given it 5 stars, but the drivers and software needed some updating and improvement, and I had to turn off the speed shift technology features of my rig.

    I have not bought a new sound card in a long time, but I decided to go with it because I was blown away by the sound that comes out of both the speakers or headphones.

    Common Questions


    Will it work for a headphone user? Is the card's mic replaceable?


    I don't know if that's possible because I'm no genius and I just haven't been able to figure it out, but I'm hoping that it's possible with inputs from MoBo plugs.


    Does this sound card have a built-in amplifier?


    The Windows 10 volume control and keyboard media keys can no longer be used because of DTS connect or Dolby Live.


    Is the circular window an interference shield?


    I think it's just a window for the red LEDs to make it look cool, but I don't hear a difference in sound quality from my old XFi Titanium.


    What is the difference between the sound blaster recon3d and the sound core3d chip?


    Sound blaster Z has a better signal-to-noise ratio and better Bit-depth/sampling for audio.


    Is it compatible with Windows 8.1?


    It's compatible with DVD and you need to run the Creative update tool after installing the drivers.

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