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Creative Sound Blaster Zx PCIe Gaming Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Zx, Sound Core3D audio Processor, advanced audio and voice technologies, High performance headphone amp and Desktop audio Control Module, the headphone levels, SBX Pro studio Sound technologies, the audio Control Module, a single Digital cable, your home theatre system, stunning 3D surround effects, High fidelity surround Sound, DTS Connect

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  • 116dB signal-to-noise ratio offers 99.99 pure audio
  • SBX pro studio suite of technologies provide a 360-degree true-to-life sound stage
  • Sound core3D audio processor improves overall PC performance


  • Randomly switches back and forth between headphones and speaker

About Creative Sound Blaster Zx PCIe Gaming Sound Card

Sound Blaster Z is an ideal all-around solution for your PC gaming and entertainment needs. It comes complete with a Soundblaster beamforming microphone for crystal clear voice communication. This includes optimizations for voice chat and recording in addition to all of the amazing SBX Studio Pro audio output enhancements. High-Quality Connections The card is equipped with gold-plated connection points to ensure the best possible audio signal. 116 dB Signal-to-noise ratio or SNR means your audio will be >99.99% pure audio the bundled beamforming microphone creates an acoustic zone and suppresses noise outside it, enabling you to be heard with amazing clarity. All enhancements are fully customizable from the Sound Blaster Command software suite on PC.

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  • What buyers say about Creative Sound Blaster Zx PCIe Gaming Sound Card

    I just got done building my new computer 3 days ago, and I thought maybe my new ASUS AM4 TUF gaming X570-Plus wifi motherboard might be the best sound blaster on the market, since it has a very nice full range of audio and the decibels to boot at 116

    I was surprised to see that the included installation CD is dated 2013, just like the dead sea scrolls for PC, it's wonderful.

    The surround sound was perfect, and the card was flawless, even though the newer (and better) versions are the Creative AE-5, 7, and 9.

    Update your drivers after you uninstall those. You won't be disappointed by the results.

    I tried every slot on my board and the card lightc up, but WIN10 doesn't exist and I unplugged my PC for a short time because I didn't know how to look for hidden devices in the device manager menu.

    Common Questions


    What type of slot will I need to use this card?


    The small slot on the board next to your pci/pci-e x16 holds your graphics card.


    Is it possible to do Dolby Atmos with this?


    bf1 has dolby atmos and it doesn't work.


    Is this card capable of recording sound from the internet?


    If you have software for it, it should record any input from the internet.


    If I connected this card to my computer case's front panel audio ports via the headers, would the sound quality be affected?


    I don't know the answer to your question but I don't know why you would want to do that, considering the card comes with audio inputs and outputs you can access from the rear of your case.


    Does the ACM provide for a switch between headset and desktop audio?


    I don't think the a cm itself does but the sound blaster software does.

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