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Aidata UM003B Mouse Platform Under Desk

Ergonomic Design And Under-Desk Swivel Mouse Pad, Bu, Sturdy Metal Clamp Fits Onto Desks Up To 40Mm/1.57", Platform Rotates 360 Degrees To Hide Mouse Under The Desk

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What We Like

  • Features an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use
  • Comes with metal clamps that offer an easy installation
  • Built-in cable clip keeps mouse in place


  • may not be ideal for glass desks

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8.64 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Size
  • Packaging
  • Build quality
  • Value for money
  • Design
  • Sturdiness
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Easy to install
  • What buyers say about Aidata UM003B Mouse Platform Under Desk

    It doesn't lock into position, and the largest keyboard tray I could find on Amazon didn't allow enough room for a comfortable mouse, and it's a bit awkward to have the mouse higher than the keyboard.

    If you are resting your arm on the mouse surface, this won't last very long and I will get another one for sure.

    It was a snap to put it together, I put the mouse area on the desk, hit the part with my hand, and it went in.

    While you can use this as a mouse platform, you can also use it for other devices that you want to keep handy, such as a keyboard tray, a numeric key pad, 3D controller, and another mouse.

    I found that the best way to maintain good posture behind my desk was to either stand or sit back in my chair, but since I have a full size keyboard, I needed an extension for my mouse.

    Common Questions


    I see it can be up to 1.5 inches wide, but what is the thickness that it can secure onto?


    If the platform is thinner than 7/8", you can put a small piece of wood between the clamp and the platform to make up the difference.


    Is it possible to lock it in place or is it always swiveling?


    It does not lock in position, but it is in position and does not move unless you want it to move.


    What is the distance from the surface to the mousing surface of the product?


    I couldn't fit the Aidata surface under the desk surface.


    Is it possible to bolt the platform to a wooden keyboard drawer using the existing hardware?


    You would need alternate hardware.


    Is it possible to change the height of the mouse platform?


    The platform is 3 inches down from the top of my desk.

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