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MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens Kit

Hd Dslr Camera, 25X Super Macro Lens, The Telephoto Lens, 5X Wide Angle Lens, Fantastic Close Up Pictures, A Flexible Tripod, Mactrem Phone Camera Lens

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What We Like

  • Features multi-coated optical lens that provides better light transmittance
  • Comes with aluminum alloy housing that offers maximum durability
  • Equipped with solid clip-on design that makes it convenient to attach


  • Mediocre image quality

About MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens Kit

MACTREM phone camera lens kit is portable and easy to use thanks to the solid clip-on design. The Lens ring on the universal clip is adjustable, which makes it works well on both front and rear lens, as well as the single camera and dual camera. Easily slide it to aim at the center of the main camera to provide a better user experience and long-lasting durability.

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  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens Kit

    It's a pretty straight forward and easy to use lens kit, it's inexpensive, great quality, and it's simple to install, but it's tricky to find the right way to put the lenses.

    I needed a nice lens kit for my new phone since I am an amateur photographer, and I received them just before I went to the snow, however I liked how nicely organized the pieces were placed.

    The kit does come with some other goodies but in all honesty, those are extra items that should not factor into your decision, as I mentioned earlier, I will update at a later time after I have a chance to try the lens with other phones.

    The little guy is very well made and can hook it on any phone, it's also very affordable, and it's easy to put things in the foam inside where they can easily be placed.

    I have tried several camera kits but this one is the best and most complete one with all the basic macro, telephoto, and wide angle lens covered in high quality, and the added tripod with flexible leg mounts is even more convenient.

    Common Questions


    Will it work with a phone case?


    If the case is removed, the clip works on my iPhone7, but it doesn't allow the lens to sit flat against the case for proper alignment.


    Does it work on a dual camera phone?


    Yes, attach it to the main camera.


    Right, each lens comes with a protective case?


    All of them fit nicely into a secure case, which fits into most of my pockets.


    Is it possible to use the telephoto lens as a hand-held telescope without attaching a phone?


    It comes with an eyepiece for the large lens.


    Is it compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus?


    Attach it to the main camera, the left one.

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