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SHANY Gift Surprise Amazon Exclusive All in One Makeup Set Bundle

All New Beauty Tools And Accessories, Smashbox Pro Hd Liner, Eye Shadow Pen Set, High Quality Professional Quality Products, Makeup Brushes, Smashbox, Lipgloss Set, Complete Girl Look, Pro Makeup Brush Set, Smashbox Professional Hd Liner, All New Beauty Tools And Accessories, Makeup Tools

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  • What buyers say about SHANY Gift Surprise Amazon Exclusive All in One Makeup Set Bundle

    I received a different eyeshadow kit from their main storefront but I didn't mind because I bought a different kit that I liked.

    I received travel sized lipgloss, 5 individual eye shadows, full eye shadow pallet, eye liner, box of lip liners, and a beauty book.

    The brush kit and the seventh heaven manicure set are worth the entire kit's price, even after I read the reviews and opened it up.

    I really liked what I got and felt that for $50, I wouldn't be able to find the items that I received for the same price, but my box was worth well over $100 and I am happy with that.

    I got this for my sister because she loves it and is a fan of the make up product. If you are a make up lover, you should get this product because it has everything you need to practice day in and day out.

    Common Questions


    Is there an option of colors I could pick from?


    If you buy more than one set, you may get the same colors, but customers cannot choose the colors.


    There is no label on the empty bottle.


    Maybe a toiletry bottle, but mine didn't come with a bottle.


    Does it include everything that is shown in the picture?


    We don't guarantee the colors or products, but we can give you a description of any item from the old or new catalog.


    Is this real product or a knock off from China?


    The items in this box are authentic products from Subway.


    Does this include everything a girl needs?


    Since it is a surprise box and it could change from person to person, I will not post what I got, but it is well worth the money and the products.

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