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Outdoor Fire Pits Wood Burning Firepits for Outside

The Warm Fire Pit Outdoor, Outdoor Fire Pits Wood Burning Firepits, More Airflow, Outdoor Movie, Wood Burning Grates, Stronger Wood Burning, Spark Screen

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What We Like

  • Lid with mesh screen prevents the ash from flying around
  • Built-in wood burning grates in the fire pit for wood support and better airflow
  • Made of heavy duty steel with a high-temper finish that makes it rust resistant


  • Outside ring may be difficult to connect

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  • Common Questions


    Does the fire pit have a cover lid?


    The fire pit has a lid and a tight mesh design that can prevent sparks from flying out of the fire pit.


    What gauge of steel is this from?


    We are so glad you are interested in our fire pits outdoor wood burning, it is made from cold rolled steel sheet.


    Is the box showing what is inside, or can I send it directly to the recipient without knowing what is inside?


    There are bar codes on the box that show what is inside, so the recipient will know what is inside the moment see the bar code.


    I got a fire pit as a gift, but the assembly instructions are lost. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?


    I would just take a snapshot if I didn't have mine anymore, but the screws are in the lid of the blister pack. Attach the legs first, the screw heads go inside the pit and through the bottom to attach the legs.


    Where can I purchase a cover that will fit the fire pit?


    If you want to buy a fire pit cover, you can do it on Amazon.

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