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Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer - White

Print Real Photos Wirelessly, Supported Image Size, Fujifilm Instax Sp 3 Mobile Printer White, 3 Color Exposure, Instax Prints, Print Real Photos

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  • What buyers say about Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Mobile Printer - White

    The prints are better than the Polaroid 600 instant film, and it uses real instant film, which is better than Zink paper.

    There is a huge upside to this over modern instant film cameras, which is the ability to see your photos before printing them, and the ability to preview your print makes this a definite film saver.

    The size is between the Mini and Wide sizes, I liked the design of it, but I felt they made some weird choices, like the buttons were not recessed and the rechargable battery of the previous model.

    It is a great addition to any instant film lover's collection, and it makes a great stand alone item for creating tangible photos from your digital library.

    The square printer is similar to classic Polaroid instant cameras, but it is much smaller. I love the fact that I am not wasting film with the other models, and the size is perfect for on-demand printing.

    Common Questions


    Does this include replaceable ink cartridges?


    The photos are developed in the film itself, so what needs to be replaced is the film.


    Is it possible to charge it with a samsung or apple adapter?


    I do not know about Apple's chargers, but they seem different than what the S3 Instax printer uses.


    Is it possible to use it anywhere if there is internet connection with your phone?


    You'll need to install the printer app, choose the printer's wi-fi ssid, and print from the app.


    Why is the white one less expensive than the black one?


    I think because they don't produce as many as they used to. I just got black frame film for 9.99 a pack and it's the same price as the Taylor Swift version.


    Does it come with a charger?


    They may come with the chargers included now, but I do not know for sure. mine did have a battery, but it used a Micro USB port to charge it.

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