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Kodak Mini 3 Retro 3x3 Portable Photo Printer, Compatible with iOS, Android & Bluetooth Devices

3 Inch Photospremium 3, The Instant Polaroid Printeryour Favorite Snapsprint Photos Yellowthe Kodak 4Pass Technology, Stainless Steel Photo Qualitypremium 3 X 3 Inch Photosa Stable Wireless Connection

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We analyzed 85,058 reviews for 77 products in the Photo Printers category.

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  • Easy to use
  • Common Questions


    If you don't have internet access, what are you going to do?


    The Kodak Mini 3 Retro photo printer is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


    How do you charge it?


    You can use any power source to charge the Micro USB cable, including a phone charging station or a computer.


    Is it possible it will print 3x3 and 2x3 pics?


    The Kodak Mini 3 retro photo printer only prints 3x3 photos.


    The English portion of the instructions doesn't have a section to tell you when it's done charging, like the other languages does.


    The LEDs will turn green when the Kodak Mini 3 Retro photo printer is done charging.


    How do you make a borderless picture?


    You can choose the option in the application to print a borderless photo with the Kodak Mini 3 Retro photo printer.

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