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ALLWEI Portable Power Station, 280Wh/78000mAh Portable Power Generator

300W Pure Sine Wave, 1*Car Charging Cable, Peak Surge Power, 1*280Wh Portable Power Station, Car Cigarette Lighter Port, 280Wh/78000Mah Portable Power Generator Type C 60W Pd

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What We Like

  • Equipped with more AC ports that makes it convenient to charge the devices at the same time
  • Features EV grade lithium batteries that offers long-lasting run time
  • Built-in clear LCD screen shows all power station operating status easily and timely


  • may not come with instruction manual

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  • What buyers say about ALLWEI Portable Power Station, 280Wh/78000mAh Portable Power Generator

    If you want to charge your phone, computer, orlantern directly with the overflow power, you should get a 100/120/150W solar panel.

    I bought a second one as agift and I think it's worth sharing. These would be great to have somewhere to put them during a power shortage, without everyone clamoring to use the same thing in the same space.

    There is a rubber cover over the car charging port, a nice addition since I have had dirt and debris get down inside the plug on my other portable battery.

    It gives time estimates for both usage duration and the unit's specifications, which is something I really like about it over an older battery.

    I haven't tested all of the features yet but I can say that they are amazing and that the entire family can use and understand.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to leave the unit plugged in so it is fully charged in case of a power outage?


    If you leave it plugged in indefinitely, it will ruin the unit so it won't hold a charge, according to the paperwork that came with mine.


    What is the size of the DC input plug?


    If you buy this generator, the size of the DC input port will be increased from 5.5*2.1mm to 6.1*mm.


    I need an example of a compatible model, like the brand x model number yy, if the solar panel is compatible with this unit.


    I bought a solar panel that was 100 watt.


    Will it power a coffee maker?


    The battery can only power devices that use less than 300W, and peak 600W.


    Is this unit capable of operating two c-pap machaines at the same time at 12v/ at 6.67amp each?


    I have the Hackery unit and have powered two cpap/bipap machines at the same time and it works fine, unfortunately it will only run them for about 2 nights using the DC output and I'm guessing one night using the AC output.

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