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Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 2800-4750-Watt Portable Generators

Rain, Champion Weather Resistant Storage Cover, Protect Your Portable Generators From Sun And Uv Damage, Dirt And More With This Cover'S Tough Vinyl Exterior, Snow

H&F Rating 465 reviews
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What We Like

  • Weather-resistant cover protects the generator from rain, snow, dirt and UV damages
  • Built-in strong elastic base provides a secure and custom-like fitting
  • Features cotton lining that helps protects the generator from scuff marks and scratches


  • may not fit all generators

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  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 2800-4750-Watt Portable Generators

    If you want to buy a tent, you should buy one that is open box, and not one that is just a tent, because this is much heavier than a tent and it's not really like a tent.

    It fit perfectly when assembled, and the material is very sturdy and waterproof, so I don't see why it wouldn't last years of use.

    Living in the country requires one to have at least one back up generator for the several times a year power outages that can last 4 hours to 5 or more days.

    The process for setting up the Storm Shield generator tent was very time consuming and never got off the ground for me.

    I like that the cover has a draw string on the bottom to tighten it and that it feels thicker than a car cover.

    Common Questions


    Will this cover stay in place when traveling in the back of a pickup truck or will the wind pull it off?


    I traveled from Canada to California and back again. At times I did speeds of 85 miles per hour.


    The width of the cover looks too small for the champion model 76533 4750 watt duel fuel generator I just bought.


    The cover has a draw string at the bottom that can be used to charge the battery.


    Will it fit the westighouse 7000-8500?


    The kit is designed to fit Champion Power Equipment generators, but GenTent does make kits for all other makes and models.


    Is it compatible with the champion 9200 generator?


    I'm not sure of the model number but I have a Champion 9000 Watt DUAL FUEL Portable Generator that was sold by Costco this summer.


    The cover is 25" long, according to the description. My generator is 23" long unless you include the handle, then it is 30".


    My generator is a 4000 watt and it's 23 1/2 wide, which is across the frt from the outside of the black bars that surround the generator.

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