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3800PSI Electric Pressure Washer,3.0GPM Electric Power Washer 2000W High Pressure Washer

High Quality Water, Water Discharge, Maximum Cleaning Power, Extra Large Capacity, Waterless, 3800Psi Electric Pressure Washer, A Large Water Tank, 3.0 Gpm Electric Power Washer 2000W High Pressure Washer, Low Noise, 3800Psi Electric Power Washer, Watertight Spaces

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What We Like

  • Equipped with large and stronger wheels that allows to move anywhere at any time
  • Features 5m high pressure hose for greater reach
  • Comes with 5 nozzles that allows to meet the cleaning needs of different pressures


  • may produce leakage at times

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  • What buyers say about 3800PSI Electric Pressure Washer,3.0GPM Electric Power Washer 2000W High Pressure Washer

    I just got this a few days ago, and I was expecting it to be here by 29th June, but it's not. I just use it to wash my car once and twice, and it's not too heavy.

    I put these on because I didn't have to install them because I already had a couple that didn't want to come out of the chair base. I put a crescent wrench handle between the old wheel and the base and pot the wheel with a little force to get it going.

    I received my plaque this morning and it is already up, it is very sharp and clean, and it was placed inside a bubble bag, which makes it unlikely that it will break.

    I was amazed at how smooth and easy this transaction was and I am very happy with the chair wheels from KATU.

    I use a hose that probably isn't ideal, but I mention how light and easy it is to use, Pro tip: when first installing the hose for the sprayer, use Teflon plumbers tape as it will make sure that the joint doesn't leak.

    Common Questions


    Does the power washer have standard connections or are they proprietary?


    Video can't be loaded.


    Is the hose a 1/4 or 3/8 inch? I'm looking to buy a longer, heavy duty hose that will work with this washer.


    I bought a 1/2 inch 40 foot hose and it was the best hose I have ever used. And it's metric from China, so 8mm.


    Will this machine be able to shoot a powerful stream of water to clean the second story of a house?


    It is a very powerful machine that can shoot a good stream and it has different attachments to use for using the power with the water stream.


    Is it possible for this to be run from a water butt?


    I don't recommend this method as the pressure washer may burn out due to lack of water, so they don't need a water pump, and you may run out of water quite quickly connect to the household water supply to get better pressure and unlimited water.


    Is it possible that the reviews are fake and from a different product?


    I didn't know about the other reviews, but mine was real and for the pressure washer.

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