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Mini Projector - 3600L Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector

176 " Display, A 50 176, The Brightness Family Hd Movie, The Upgraded 2020 Noise Reduction Technology, Humpow 5500L Movie Projector, Smartphone Portable Video Projector 1080P, The Recommended Projection Distance

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  • What buyers say about Mini Projector - 3600L Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector

    My living room television went out and I had to use this projector in place until it was fixed, but for what I paid for, it wasn't an issue I would complain about.

    The Mini projector has been used for about two weeks now and all of the features I tested work fine.

    I haven't tried attaching my phone to the mini projector because I don't have the proper cable for it, but I can watch the videos on my phone.

    This will make camping a lot more fun because it runs on low watt power and can be used on solar.

    The brightness is great, however I have only ever used it in my bedroom with the lights out, and it's not clear if you need a speaker if it's more than that.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to put this in my shower and watch movies?


    If you use it in the shower, it may cause a problem because it plugs into an outlet.


    Is it possible for Amazon to sell the adaptor for Iphone?


    If you want to get the Apple lightning to HDMI adapter, you should pay a bit extra for the Apple product because most of the knock off versions do not work well or do not work at all.


    I don't notice a difference when I adjust the noise rejection settings, my projector seems far from noiseless.


    The movie sound is very quiet.


    If I connected my laptop to the projector to watch netf, what mirror display would it mean?


    I can stream Netflix if I connect the projector through my laptop and play the videos from the service website.


    Is it possible to watch Netflix off my phone?


    I have a android device and was able to try it, but I haven't tried it with the cord.

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