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Projector for Outdoor Movies, vamvo L6200 1080P Full HD Video Projector

Long Battery Life, Lifelike Images, 1080P Full Hd Video Projector, 5000Lux Brightness, 4K Ultra Wide Angle, Full Hd Resolution, A 5000 X 3000 Bright, Max 300, Vivid, Lifelike Scenes, Upto 2 Hours, Your Projector Screen

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  • What buyers say about Projector for Outdoor Movies, vamvo L6200 1080P Full HD Video Projector

    I didn't have a white screen when I started projection on the wall, but I did watch a full episode on Netflix, just like that, and didn't even realize that anything was missing.

    The L6200 projector has a great picture on the white screen, but I also projected it on a colored wall, which the picture quality was just as good.

    I have been looking for a projector that will give me the same amount of light as my TV, and this one is definitely up to par.

    keystone correction is a manual control that adjusts the projector's optics only if the screen is above center line, and that shouldn't pose a problem if you suspend the projector from the ceiling.

    She said it took about 20 minutes to set up and properly distance herself from the screen, and that she would like to get a projector screen to take outside when they go camping.

    Common Questions


    Can it be used outside in the summer over 95 degrees?


    I would put a roof over it just so nothing falls on it, but I was very impressed with how cool this runs compared to the ones that use a 2000 -3000 hr light bulb in them.


    Is it possible that it works on the ps5?


    Don't buy it, there are better options.


    What is the shortest distance that can produce a focused image?


    The closet I have used was 4 ft., and it was pretty clear when I saw it at 1pm.


    Which firestick is used to downgrade the dolby sound to stream?


    I use the 4K stick and stereo to record.


    Can the projector output 5.1 surround sound to a soundbar? What type of adapter/cords are required?


    To get 5.1 I have to feed the sources into my receiver and send the video only to the projector.

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