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2020 Upgrade WiFi Projector

Supported Mini projector, TV Stick phones tablet PS4 TV Box HDMI USB AV projector, the original USB Cable, the smartphone screen, a BIG display view experience

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What We Like

  • Comes with intuitive buttons that helps in easy operation
  • Equipped with a brightness mode that allows for increased visibility
  • Built-in MHL connection makes it compatible with various devices


  • may not come with Bluetooth connectivity

About 2020 Upgrade WiFi Projector

POYANK 4500 Lux Native 720P Wifi Display Video Projector improved the brightness of the projector. The product features a Wifi function, making it easy to build a wireless connection between your smartphone (tablet) and this device. It also allows the connection to your iOS devices via the Lightning to USB Cable directly, and no extra cable and steps are required. Lower fan noise and improved fan quality make this home theater video projection much quieter compared with other models - IOS devices can build a wired connection with POYANK Wifi Projector directly. Only the Lightning to USB Cable of the Ios device is required, it's very easy and quick to use and no extra step needed. The recommended projection distance is 1.5 - 3.5 meters. This projector is not suitable for PPT and Business Presentations. It features a keystone correction function, upwards 19 degrees, and downwards 10 degrees.

Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 180,362 reviews for 477 products in the Projectors category.

We then analyzed 1,987 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 85% of reviews were positive and about 11% were negative.

Final Score:

9.66 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Audio quality
  • Build quality
  • Compatibility
  • Customer support
  • Easy to install
  • Overall performance
  • Size
  • Value for money
  • Video output
  • What buyers say about 2020 Upgrade WiFi Projector

    The "Online Update" function is a fake one that only tells you "you have the latest", so it took a couple days to get it, but it did resolve the issue.

    The image is 133" diagonal and I'm throwing it from 15 feet away. You are hearing the sound from the built-in speakers.

    The positives were more than offset by the negatives. I show a video of how clear the projector is and the picture is still great, and I also include a picture of how clearly words can be read.

    I've seen a few 1 star reviews for things that are simple fixes, like "Cloudy lens", and " Doesn't connect to the internet".

    I'm not very tech savvy, so if I'm doing something wrong I would be happy to know how it happened. We ended up using the HDMI from my Xbox one to play the movie instead.

    Common Questions


    Does the projector have a mount that can be used to put it on a tripod?


    There is a hole in the projector and you can put it on a tripod.


    Does the screen mirror work for laptops as well as phones and tablets?


    If you want to use a Mac laptop or Windows laptop, you need to use the HDMI cord.


    I can't use the internet to connect my phone. How do I do that?


    I am not a fan of this projector, but you should make sure you are connecting your phone to the signal it is projecting.


    Is it a sign that I can't use my home internet when I watch?


    I tried to connect to poyank wi-fi with my phone, but it won't work, so I have to log out and connect again to my home wi-fi.


    Is a tripod required?


    You are able to use one, I set mine on a foldable stand with 2 fans attached to it.

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