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Projector 7200 Lux Full HD, Native 1920 x 1080P Support 4K Video

3 Year Free Repair, 11.5Ft 20Ft 100" 200", The Top Hd Projector, Outdoor Video Projector Movie Theater, The Widest Screen Size, The S1 1080P Projector, The S1

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What We Like

  • Built-in dual cooling fans help in keeping system prevents over-heating
  • Features adjustable lens that helps in easy focusing on the screen
  • Equipped with LED light source that offers crisp and clear images


  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth for surround speaker
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Color: White

About Projector 7200 Lux Full HD, Native 1920 x 1080P Support 4K Video

The S1 native 1080p projector brings 80%+ brightness than native 720p. It'S 60%+ brighter than 4" tv projects, but the picture quality will be superior to normal ten80 pixels. The s1 also supports 4K videos when connected with iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and laptop. You can re-set your TV stick to auto-frequency or native 100p 30-50HZ (no lags and delay). You need to open your videos in the movie menu, open - version n the S1 provides a wide range of screen sizes (45" to 300") to the users. Built-in dual cooling fans with roomy sufficient paths, the side, and rear vents give the projector an extended breathing path and greatly extended the use lifespan. The remote control can be matched or re-matched if it flashes red and faces into the projection screen, then turn on the power until it stops flashing red, which means that the match is successful and you can use your remote again.

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  • What buyers say about Projector 7200 Lux Full HD, Native 1920 x 1080P Support 4K Video

    If nothing is playing, fan noise is noticeable, but if a movie is playing, projector at the back of my head is not as noticeable.

    " Having a home theatre in my basement has been a long waited item in my list, and quarantine time gave me a chance to act up on it, so my desired list was to have a good quality, good keystone, as I want it to be portable and be able to use it

    When I'm close to the projector screen, I always notice mesh like projection, but with this, I didn't notice that at all, how ever close I get to the screen, I didn't notice those mesh or blurred image.

    The corners or edges of the text were blurry when we read it, but this projector has a clear picture all the way around, even in the upper left and bottom left and right corners.

    After a long period of studying, I came across this projector, and my analysis is as follows: Pros

    Common Questions


    How should I clean this projector lean on the inside?


    You can play video.


    Is there anything I can use to connect it to my phone?


    They are Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.


    Is it possible that it supports the thx sound?


    Almost all audio files can be supported by the S1 projector.


    What are the native frames per second when playing 1080p content from a fire tv stick?


    When playing the Amazon fire tv stick, I'm promised never have lags with 30HZ, it can play with 50HZ, we suggest 30HZ.


    How do I use my phone?


    To connect the projectors, you need an "iPhone to HDMI adapter".

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