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Pure Biology Premium Revivahair Biotin Shampoo

Rosemary Oil, Natural Hair Regrowth, Procapil Dht Blocker Thickening Shampoo, A Hair Growth Shampoo

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What We Like

  • Contains coconut oil that helps to nourish the scalp and help remove sebum build-up
  • Helps to fortify and rejuvenate hair follicles to prevent hair loss for both men and women
  • Ideal for all hair types like curly hair, straight hair, grey hair, blonde hair etc


  • Unreasonable price

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About Pure Biology Premium Revivahair Biotin Shampoo

Saw palmetto and green tea extracts are essential to preventing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to promote regrowth of natural hair. Amino Kera NPNF is a combination of keratin-derived amino acids designed to pull moisture to areas where it is most needed. Procapil targets the main causes of hair loss for both men and women.

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  • What buyers say about Pure Biology Premium Revivahair Biotin Shampoo

    I have been using the Reviva shampoo from Pure Biology for the past week and it has helped my hair, especially my fine, oily hair, which is falling out a lot due to the stress or use of inappropriate products.

    I was amazed to see that my split ends and flyaways were dramatically decreased, and I am about to go for a keratin treatment, so I was keeping in mind that I am several weeks past due.

    I am not a fan of the conditioner, but I love using the shampoo, it makes my hair look and feel so much better.

    I have been using Revivahair shampoo for the past two weeks and it has made a huge difference in the way my hair feels and looks, and it has made me feel so much better about my hair.

    The Premium Hair Growth Shampoo with Biotin, Keratin vitamins, B + E, Natural DHT Blockers & Anti Hair Loss Complex Treatment is easy to use and has many great ingredients that make it great for men and women, and it is very easy to use with the nice pump provided.

    Common Questions


    How long do I think it will take for me to see results?


    People tend to notice a reduction in hair loss after a couple weeks, but it may take more or less time for desired results.


    Can it be used on color treated hair?


    I started using this the same day I got my hair dyed, and it pulls more and more of my color out of my hair every time.


    Is it possible to use this every day?


    Since using Pure Shampoo and conditioner, my hair is very shiny and no frizzies.


    Can this be used for kids hair?


    I'm sure you can use it on kids, animals, etc, but its expensive.


    Where is this wash made?


    There is no mention of where the bottle came from or where it was put in the box.

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