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PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker

Fits 3- To 6-Quart Slow Cookers, Or Standard Roasting Pans, 9" X 13" Oven Dishes

H&F Rating 521 reviews
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What We Like

  • The liner eliminates scrubbing or soaking that helps to keep the dishes clean
  • Fits 3- to 6-quart slow cookers that makes it versatile
  • Contour-bottom fit conforms to the bottom of the slow cooker easily


  • The paper may cause leakage

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  • What buyers say about PanSaver EZ Clean Multiuse Cooking Bags and Slow Cooker

    This size is still good for my largest Slow Cooker, but I'm thinking about cutting down a few bags and resealing them with my Impulse Sealer.

    I bought these for my crock pot because I like how they make it easy to clean and can be used to store the foor once it cools in the fridge or freezer.

    I met my wife online and we didn't feel embarrassed to tell our friends because it's more common now.

    If you want to keep your crock pot clean, just throw the bags in the trash when you get done cleaning it.

    These are much thicker and easier to open than the other liners and I am very happy that I bought them.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to put preassembled meals in these liners before a freezer bag works or is it possible that the liners break due to the freezing?


    I haven't used them in the freezer, but the bags are very sturdy and I think it's worth a try.


    I'm not sure what the dimensions of these bags are. Please help.


    It's 14 inches tall by 23 inches long and the opening is on the "longer" side so it works for 9x13 pans and larger roaster pans.


    I saw a comment on a crock pot liner that said you had to add water to the bottome of the pot, so I wanted to know if there were any directions on how to use these liners.


    If you want to eliminate the liner from sticking to a hot spot in your slow cooker, you can place a little water in the insert and then dress the insert with the liner.


    I have a Rival Crock Pot that is probably the biggest size they make. Will these liners fit?


    I used them in a 6 quart and had a lot of excess over so I am sure they would work great and I love mine, I cooked a large Pork lion had to cut it in two pieces and when it finished, just picked the bag up with all the juice inside.


    Are they free of bpa and do they change the taste of the food?


    I think you would have to ask your question about whether the product is BPA free or not, and I don't think the liner altering the taste of the food was an issue for me.

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