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Archway Archway Iced Molasses Cookies, 12 Ounce

Chewy Texture. For That Fresh-Baked Taste, Thick, Soft Molasses Cookies With A Touch Of Cinnamon, Drizzled With A Creamy Icing, A Rich, Molasses Cookie With A Soft

Created with Raphaël
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    How many bags do you get for $18.99?


    I buy it when the price is about $6, even then, that's expensive. Read the description carefully, there's a good chance you could only get a single bag.


    Are they crisp or soft?


    It would be nice to get soft ones, but I have to say that it's disappointing that it's months to go until the date printed.


    How many months do you think the warranty will last?


    I don't believe there is any warranty on grocery items such as these cookies, unless they arrived outdated, smashed up or otherwise ruined, so make sure to take pictures or you are stuck and out of luck as no guarantee on groceries that I know of.


    Is it a good idea to put it in the fridge for an icy feeling?


    I wouldn't leave them too long in the freezer, I could see them getting hard and possibly cracking a tooth, because it's a softer cookie, not as soft as those sugar frosted cookies you find in grocery stores.


    Where were these ordered last week?


    I think they were running out of stock and had to replenish the stock which took a little extra time, so if you are wondering about the Archway Iced Molasses, you should be on their way soon.

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