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Huion 420 OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet

Osu Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet, The Responsive Pad, The Right Mouse Button Function, Most Drawing Software

Created with Raphaël
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  • Common Questions


    I am assuming this won't work with Ubuntu Linux since they said PC and Mac.


    If a device lists Mac OS X or Mac OS 10.xx it is compatible with Linux Kernel 3.12.2 or higher, but be sure to check with the manufacturer since not all manufacturers adds their drivers to the Linux Repositories.


    How long do the pen batteries last?


    It lasts a while for me, but I think it slowed down my performance in osu! after 2 weeks.


    Does the tablet come with more nibs for the pen?


    Yes. The pen comes with a couple replacement nibs and a nib removal tool.


    Is it possible to create animations with it?


    Yes, you can, it is a drawing tablet, which works with a lot of popular photo editing and creation tools, so you can draw and create whatever you want.


    Is it possible that this also includes pen?


    All of the tablets from the Huion Drawing series come with the pen.

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