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Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet

Tilt Response Battery Free Stylus, 8 Pcs Replacement Pen Nibs, Pw100, 8192 Pen Pressure Sensitivity, Tilt Function Battery Free Stylus, 8092 Levels, Pw100 Battery Free Stylus

Created with Raphaël
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  • Common Questions


    Will the strokes be picked up by the tablets?


    The strokes will be picked up through paper.


    When I click on an icon, it doesn't work, but shows "the program is running" Do I need to download again?


    If you click the driver icon on the desktop, there will be a widnow that says "The program is running".


    Does it have any pen tips?


    It comes with a pen with a tip and 4 extra pen tips securely rest in the pen holder, so a total of 5 pen tips.


    I'm wondering if I can use all the functions in fusion.


    It's time for another round of interviews with the men and women who will be covering the issues that will be on the minds of the electorate in the coming weeks and months.


    Does the image show up on the tablets?


    No, this is a hard surface tablet that you can plug into your computer and play the images on the screen.

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