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ANCHEER Treadmill, 3.25HP Auto/Manual Incline 15 Level Treadmills for Home

3.25 Hp Auto Manual Incline 15 Level Treadmills, Ancheer Treadmill, 300Lbs Capacity Walking Running Machine, 12 Programs, Home Gym Cardio Use

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 53 reviews
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What We Like

  • Multi-layer tread belt and anti-shock system withstands a maximum weight of 260 pounds
  • Easy folding mechanism and soft drop system helps to safely fold and unfold the treadmill
  • The easy to read LCD records all the workout feedback for convenient tracking


  • The treadmill may be heavy in weight

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Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 102,966 reviews for 318 products in the Treadmills category.

We then analyzed 53 reviews for this product. Of these, 1 reviews were recent.

Around 96% of reviews were positive and about 2% were negative.

Final Score:

9.52 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Connectivity
  • Controls and functionality
  • Customer support
  • Design
  • Display
  • Overall performance
  • Speed range
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about ANCHEER Treadmill, 3.25HP Auto/Manual Incline 15 Level Treadmills for Home

    I am very pleased with the quality of this treadmill and how much fun the entire family is having using it.

    It's convenient to have in my own home and to be able to work out without pre-thought, because it makes it very easy for me to get my workout in every single day.

    It is very easy to use, works well, and looks good, and it is compact so it doesn't take up much space, as my 6 ft 190 pound son can run on it.

    I use it three/four times a week during the winter when I can't get out on my bike, it's an easy to use item that provides a good workout and feels like a quality item.

    I installed it and she was using it immediately, and I think it's a neat thing. We only had it for a few days, and I hope it gets a lot of use.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible to watch my iPad while walking?


    Video can't be loaded.


    Is it possible that it has auto inlcine?


    I'm not sure I understand the question.


    Would this be comfortable for my husband, who is 6 ft 6 in tall?


    I am 5'11" and am able to use this with ease, but I think anyone taller than me with a longer stride might be hitting the protective cover ahead of the moving belt.


    I don't see a single negative review in your reviews. Where are the non five star reviews?


    All the reviews are written by people who don't speak English, and some of them are almost exactly the same, but written by different customers.


    How heavy can a user be on a treadmill?


    My son wears a weight vest and jogs on it, and he is easy 250 with it.

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