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UREVO Foldable Treadmills for Home,Under Desk Electric Treadmill

12 Pre Set Training Programs, Better Footsteps, 16.5 Inch Wider Multi Layer Tread Belt, 6Pcs Nonslip Mat, Desk Electric Treadmill Workout Running Machine, The Large Multi Layer Tread Belt, 2.5Hp Portable Compact Treadmill

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 1,515 reviews
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What We Like

  • Equipped with LCD that displays time, distance, speed, calories burned, etc
  • Powerful HP motor provides speed control from 0.5-7.5 MPH
  • Built-in folding mechanism and soft drop system helps unfold and store it safely


  • The controls may not work adequately at times

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  • What buyers say about UREVO Foldable Treadmills for Home,Under Desk Electric Treadmill

    I spent a lot of time looking for a treadmill that would fit under my sofa, fold down to fit 5' and below, and be able to accommodate 250 lbs plus, at a great price.

    I'm going to try and save the old treadmill by finding and attaching another allen wrench bolt to the motor so that it's secure, and see if I can get the old machine repaired.

    My whole uses it to walk and jog on each day and it has held up so far, the belt does slip a little so be prepared, Also the screws on mine need to be taken completely out for it to fold...

    It is difficult for the user to swing arms on the treadmill because they are bumped on the ends of the armrest, I haven't used it in a long time.

    It is great for walking but I wouldn't use it on the platform because it is hard and the length is shorter than I would like for a runner.

    Common Questions


    I want to know the height when laying flat. Can it fit under my couch?


    The actual size is 6 inches, not 5.1 as stated on the website.


    Is it quiet enough to use during conference calls or online meetings?


    There's no need to do this as the speakers don't play any sounds other than the sound of the motor turning the belt and your feet walking.


    Is there any problem with your carpets? Why does it say not to use it?


    If you put a plush carpet on top of the treadmill, it will push up against the underside of the motor and belt, which will cause it to be more compressed than if you don't put a plush carpet on top of the treadmill.


    How do you buy a white one?


    It looks good in any room you're using it in, depending on your color preference.


    Is it possible to use it under the desk treadmill?


    The UREVO foldable Treadmill can't be used under the desk because the touch panel and hand holds are not in the upright position.

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