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TV Antenna, 2020 Latest Digital HD Indoor Antenna Amplified

Indoor HD Digital antenna, Amplifier signal Booster,33 ft Coax cable USB power Adapter

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What We Like

  • Extra high performance coax cable
  • HDTV digital antennas make home life simple and convenient
  • dvanced Smart Booster optimizes the best signal transmission


  • Not value for money

About TV Antenna, 2020 Latest Digital HD Indoor Antenna Amplified

Ts-Ant TV antenna can receive NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, THE CW, PBS, QUBO, TELEMUNDO. Flat style antenna is specially designed for receiving digital over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts from all your local television Easy to Set Up Connect the antenna to CABLE/ANT IN on the back of any HDTV. Place it in an optimal position, usually window or on a wall. Scan for channels using your TV's 'Channel move the position of the antenna to get a better signal.

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  • What buyers say about TV Antenna, 2020 Latest Digital HD Indoor Antenna Amplified

    The smart TV reset did the trick after I read online that there was an issue with my TV recognizing the antenna connection, and I was able to easily Scan and receive over 100 channels, despite the antenna sitting on its included frame at the bottom of my window.

    Despite the fact that there is a row of trees and a structure in my backyard, the antenna still has the power to catch over 100 channels, even though I could not use the amplifier for scanning stations that are located over 45 miles away.

    I connected the cable to the TV and set up the antenna on a top shelf outside of the building. I received a signal that was strong enough to play all the channels I was looking for, and the picture on the TV was great.

    I was hesitant because the price was so low, but I read customer reviews that helped me make up my mind, and I am so glad I did.

    I was surprised with the quality of the picture and the speed with which I got the antenna, it took just 5 minutes to install, and I was very happy with it.

    Common Questions


    Is this unit omni-directional?


    Try different positions and directions to use the antenna.


    How do I connect my device to my tv? Does it need to be connected to a coax port, a usb port, or a component?


    You need to connect the coaxial cable and usb port to your tv.


    Will this work around the world? I'm on a ship and I'm wondering if it will work in south Korea or saipan.


    I think if it is a clear night, it should be able to receive any signals from any of the satellites in the sky, just run your channel scan to program any signals it picks up.


    Will this be able to pick up both uhf and vhf broadcasted stations?


    The main receiving Frequency is UHF, the Frequency is 470-862MHz, and the VHF band is relatively few stations, it's more difficult to receive.


    Is it possible to use it on a boat?


    It's recommended to install the antenna close to a window or higher location to reduce obstructions that may affect the effective range.

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