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Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount for Antennas, 39"

3Ft Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Tripod Mount, Off Air Antenna, Winegard Ds-3000 J Pipe Mount, 4 Pole Clamps

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What We Like

  • The mount foot can be used on either end of the pipe for optimal mounting
  • DS-3000 us built with galvanized steel and E-coated for maximum protection
  • The DS-3000 is designed for outdoor antennas to be mounted on the side of the house or roof


  • The size may vary

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  • What buyers say about Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount for Antennas, 39"

    The ability to adjust the U-Bolts for mounting the weather station to the fence was one of the reasons I bought this.

    You will need to buy lags and bolts for mounting, since it doesn't come with them.

    The mounting plate is flat, but Winegard assumes you're only mounting it to a round pipe and not included U-bolts.

    The DS-2000 mount is a great option for offsetting a new weather station onto an existing antenna mast.

    I have an Ambient Weather Station that is attached perfectly to my roof and it is very sturdy.

    Common Questions


    I was wondering how to put the TV antenna and the 1 1/2" tube together.


    I solved the problem by cutting a piece of 1" PVC and slipping it over the mounting stub, which was made snug by a couple of wraps of electrical tape.


    What is the total offset clearance from wall mount brackets to the vertical extension?


    I did some math and trimmed about 10" off the long end of the pipe to offset the 16" offset that I needed to clear the overhang of the house.


    What is the rod's width, 1" or 1-1/2"?


    Its the size of what is called 1 1/4" pipe, which is why it is ironic that it is 1.66" OD.


    What is the diameter of the pole?


    The mounting pole for the antenna is 2" in diameter, which is roughly the same size as a satellite dish mounting pole.


    What is the size of the pipe? Several answers show it is 1", 1 1/2, 1 3/4' and 2 3/4". Does anyone own a ruler?


    It's 1 1/2 inches.

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