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Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

Tv Towers, Tv Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, More Available Channels, A Clearer Signal

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  • What buyers say about Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

    After installing this wonderful thing, I picked up 6 more channels (at over 85% signal) and I wanted to verify the thresholds for the power injector.

    The winegard was the only one I ordered because of the style of the case, it made it more difficult for water to get into the pre-amp and cause it to stop working.

    The best signal to noise is obtained when the amplifier is close to the antenna, because the signal is amplified before any attenuation is introduced by the cable.

    The worst stations are not in the channel lineup. The few stations I did receive are coming in very strong with many at 100%/ 100%.

    All the good reviews I read made me believe that it could work for me as well. Some of them said it was worse than before, but I didn't know why.

    Common Questions


    Will this booster improve signal strength and quality, and will the OTA CH's that are 100% (w/o Amp) worse?


    You have a given amount of tv signal present in the air, and signals can change according to temperature and humidity in the atmosphere, so we have no control.


    Can I use this to boost sig for 2 antennas, one is Clear Stream's DB4E UHF antenna and the other is C5 VHF antenna?


    I run two dual element antennas pointed in opposite directions and use two preamps, if I were running two antennas for the purpose of band separation, I might combine first then preamp.


    Is it possible to use this with Winegard FL6550A to strengthen the signal?


    We have the same antenna and not getting the channels we should on two of our tv's, so we use the white amplifier for the other tv.


    Is there a way for this product to work between the preamplifier and power inserter?


    I'm not sure what you're referring to, but the preamp goes immediately after the antenna, as close as possible, with the shortest cable as possible.


    Does this need to be mounted on the mast, or does it need to be plugged in via an extension cord?


    You want it on the mast with the antenna because if you don't mount it close to the antenna, it will start to lose signal.

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