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V8 Essential Antioxidants 100% Vegetable Juice, 5oz. Can, 8 Count (Pack Of 6)

No Added Sugar, 30 Calories Per Can, And No Artificial Colors, C And E, 100 % Vegetable Juice, Flavors Or Preservatives, Excellent Source Of Vitamins A

H&F Rating 2,426 reviews
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  • What buyers say about V8 Essential Antioxidants 100% Vegetable Juice, 5oz. Can, 8 Count (Pack Of 6)

    I drank it, it seems reasonable, I use it as my morning "eye-opener" to wash down my morning meds, and buying it this way is a lot easier and more convenient than lugging around heavy bottles.

    I use it as my "eye-opener" to wash down my morning meds and it's much easier and quicker than going to the store to buy it and then going to the house to get the heavy bottles.

    It's a great way to make a healthy pasta sauce and chili sauce at home. If you want to get out your juicer to juice veggies, its convenient to have this in the house.

    V-8 is a staple I can't live without, and these small cans are perfect to grab on the way out the door, they are a wholesome snack and delicious.

    These are great sized cans that give a boost of energy to someone who is away from home and they can be taken for lunch while he is at work.

    Common Questions


    Why did this double in price at Amazon?


    The 24+ price per is from "other sellers" that are trying to make a fast buck, so it will drop back to 10 to 13 when Amazon has it back in stock.


    Is it possible for this juice to be frozen in the can and then transferred into another container?


    I do it for work but it can be frozen and frozen well when defrosted.


    Is it really disappointing that they doubled the price on this item?


    I was told by a business owner that if an item is in high demand they can increase the prices.


    Is this free of gluten?


    The exception to V8 Bloody Mary Mix is gluten free.


    What is the shelf life and exp date? I am putting gifts together for2020 well in advance of December.


    The one can remaining in my refrigerator is good until September 2021. Shelf life is 12 months or more.

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